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February 11, 2005

Nome / Name: Orazio
Testo / Text: Bel sito, complimenti, lo consulto spesso per gli orari i servizi gratuiti, ed anche le ricette sono fatte molto bene

March 11, 2003

Nome / Name: Mike Carbonella
Testo / Text: I loved my visit to Sorrento. I wish I could buy a house and move to Sorrento. Thank you people of Sorrento, for a wonderful time.

March 06, 2003

Nome / Name: TONE LUNNER
Testo / Text: Thank you for made a website about Sorrento.

February 14, 2003

Nome / Name: none
Testo / Text: nice website

November 14, 2002

Nome / Name: Gail Hunt Violette
Testo / Text: Italy - wonderful!!!!

October 23, 2002

Nome / Name: Michael Carbonella
Testo / Text: I love Sorrento. We visited the town last year. Hope to "Come Back To Sorrento" soon.

October 08, 2002

Nome / Name: Teresa
Testo / Text: Been 7 times to Sorrento and I am now staying out there for a month. Fantastic and beautiful place I've ever seen!

October 01, 2002

Nome / Name: Bea Majzik
Testo / Text: Hi Everybody!

June 12, 2002

Nome / Name: Richard A Wehe
Testo / Text: I am enjoying the music on your web page. Can you reccomend a CD for purchase?

April 28, 2002

Nome / Name: Audrey Koran
Testo / Text: My visit to Sorrento will remain forever a highlight of my trip to Italy - the nicest people, the most wonderful places. Hope to return....

November 12, 2001

Nome / Name: Aidan Bartley
Testo / Text: Excellent Web-site. Just as Sorrento is excellent. I'm looking forward to the site being finished. Any chance of more pictures of Sorrento please? Ciao!

October 23, 2001

Nome / Name: Cara Trimboli - Kaminsky
Testo / Text: Great web site!

October 15, 2001

Nome / Name: Richard
Testo / Text: I will visit Sorrento next week and have found the information very usefull Thankyou

September 06, 2001

Nome / Name: Ruth Headon
Testo / Text: Ciao, tutti! Sorrento e' bellissimo!

August 23, 2001

Nome / Name: Mike Carbonella
Testo / Text: I was in Sorrento last week.I really loved the city. We stayed at Villa Parco, and it was very nice. We loved shopping in town, and eating in the local restaurants. We hope to come back some day.

August 01, 2001

Nome / Name: Antonietta
Testo / Text: I am looking to visit and hope to stay at your beautiful hotel.

July 23, 2001

Nome / Name: TONI
Testo / Text: I love the site. It makes me want to return to Sorrento. Thank you.

July 23, 2001

Nome / Name: Nolly
Testo / Text: I stopped by Sorrento early July after visiting Capri, though I did not have a enough time to look around, I was impressed of such a beautiful town... I would come back this winter. By the way, could you pls advise how to get the detailed map of Cita di Sorrento?? Grazie mille! Nolly

July 21, 2001

Nome / Name: rachael Davies
Testo / Text: We have visited sorrento twice and we are going back in october 2001 it is the most beautiful place in the world

May 30, 2001

Nome / Name: Polly Albucher
Testo / Text: Thank you for the quick visit to Sorrento!!

May 12, 2001

Nome / Name: Bibiana Ang
Testo / Text: I never regretted visiting Sorrento in Dec 2000. I have travelled all the way from Malaysia and it's worth every second of it.It has the most breathtaking view of the coast and it will always remain in my mind and heart. Ivan, you were a great host at your cafe and the best Cappucino I've ever had...

May 06, 2001

Nome / Name: Nikki
Testo / Text: We went to Sorrento for the first time in summer 99 and loved it! We are going back in July.

May 01, 2001

Nome / Name: Staal Monique
Testo / Text: in 23 days I'll be back in Sorrento for 7 time in 3 years and it won't be the last!!!!!!Thank God for Italy and the Italians!!!!!!!!!!

April 19, 2001

Testo / Text: Looking forward to visiting Sorrento in July

April 09, 2001

Nome / Name: peter.riddington
E-mail: peter,
Testo / Text: ho passado un multo bene vacanze in sorrento.

March 20, 2001

Nome / Name: Gaye Brown
Testo / Text: we are planning a trip in June to Sorrento as well as other places in Italy, can't wait, looks like a beautiful country

March 20, 2001

Nome / Name: Lesley Drever
Testo / Text: I love your site and I look forward to revisiting your beautiful town in April.

January 16, 2001

Nome / Name: Merry G. Riley
Testo / Text: I would like music, pictures, and articles of Sorrento sent to my e-mail. Thank you!

January 05, 2001

Nome / Name: Troy McKechnie
Testo / Text: Thank you for the information contained within this website.I am getting married this year and you have helped me to select Sorrento as my honeymoon destination.

December 31, 2000

Nome / Name: SUE AND TONY
Testo / Text: happy new year looking forward to visiting you again in may.

December 28, 2000

Nome / Name: Arja Kants (Stockholm)
Testo / Text: Sorrento is my favoritplace inItaly. I love Italy !!!!

December 19, 2000

Nome / Name: Mary Hooton
Testo / Text: Thank you for the best ever time I have had in my life, I always wanted to visit Sorrento and finally did. It was wonderful

December 11, 2000

Nome / Name: JB
Testo / Text: What a wonderful helpful site you have. Can not wait until I can return to Sorrento.. Thanks for the wonderful music.

November 21, 2000

Nome / Name: G Chan
Testo / Text: Good Website! Visited the place with a friend a month ago. Had lots of fun 'Salsa dancing' on a Wednesday night!!

November 20, 2000

Nome / Name: c. Ucciferri
Testo / Text: Grazie for the information. We shall be visiting you (Sorrento) soon.We loved our visit last year.

November 17, 2000

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